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KATHERINE ANDERSON, childbirth educator and labor support doula, is a Northern California native residing in Dobbs Ferry with her husband Calvin and their two children, Rebecca and Gabriel. The birth of her daughter was a defining moment for Katherine. "I knew at that instant that I wanted to be with and help guide expectant women in the amazing journey of pregnancy, labor, and birth. I believe that when women are allowed to trust in the innate wisdom of their bodies, giving birth can be an experience that is both empowering and life- changing." Katherine's philosophies and beliefs about pregnancy and birth are inspired by the works of Sheila Kitzinger, Dr. Michel Odent, Ina May Gaskin, Gayle Peterson, and by the many wise women she has trained with through the International Childbirth Education Association. In addition to her work as a childbirth educator and doula, she is a violist with the Metropolitan Opera in New York City.



VALENCIA ANDREWS is a DONA-trained birth doula, providing services in Westchester County and the Greater New York City area. Her path to birth work was inspired by supporting many close friends and family during their labor and delivery experiences.  It was these formative experiences that guided Valencia during her early training, informing her current approach as a doula, of being centered on wholehearted attentiveness and providing a calm presence, while giving non-judgmental, physical, emotional and spiritual support to pregnant persons.  

Valencia believes in the immense power of having a positive labor and birth experience and its long-lasting impact on the mother, child, family and mother’s community. She expresses her creativity and commitment to the health of women and babies through her services, and is devoted to embracing the birth vision and tending to the unique needs of each laboring person.  

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(Speaks Spanish and English)

 is a birth doula and hypnotherapist with more than 30 years of experience. She is the creator of mind+body birth, a unique, science-based system of birth hypnosis and childbirth education designed to help pregnant women achieve a calm, empowered birth. She has helped hundreds of people overcome their fears and limiting beliefs to create positive change and achieve their goals. She is a founding member of CEA of Westchester/Putnam (now HVBN), and is the founder and former director of the first freestanding birth center in Westchester County, NY--The Birth Cottage. She possesses a Masters degree in Public Administration, has trained doulas, helped establish and operate two postpartum doula services, and has worked with individuals and couples as a sex educator, childbirth educator, birth doula, and postpartum doula. 

Julietta gave birth to both her children in birth centers, and is a fierce midwifery advocate. The experience of giving birth naturally was so powerful and deeply spiritual, it inspired Julietta to become a childbirth educator and doula.  In her role as doula, she helps create a sense of safety and calm surrounding the birthing mother, and provides her and her family with non-judgmental support. 

Westchester Doula Care
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JOYCE HAVINGA-DROOP is a certified birth doula (DONA International) in Larchmont, Westchester NY (attending births within a 45-minute drive). She’s a mother of three girls, all born naturally. Joyce started her journey as a doula when she left her daytime job working for diplomats to travel the world. Her passion for pregnancy and birth started when she was a little girl growing up in Africa. Joyce’s strength as a birth doula is that she grew up in a world where labor and birth were considered normal, and pregnancy and birth were celebrated. Joyce has worked within many different cultures. She speaks, English, Dutch, French, and German. Joyce will educate and inform you from prenatal to postpartum stages to take your baby’s birth into your own hands. Joyce’s philosophy is that birth is normal and our bodies know what to do. With adequate support, women can let go of fear, manage pain, and have the blissful birth of their dreams.

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SILVIE FALSCHLUNGER is a certified labor support doula and childbirth educator with a strong psychological background. She trained with Childbirth International focusing on evidence-based care, natural comfort measures, and an emphasis on communication skills to find your best possible birth place and care provider. She views pregnancy and birth as a natural process and a rite of passage. She believes that there is not only a baby conceived and born but also a mother and a father initiated and a community invited to welcome and raise a child. She believes that the birth process has a strong first imprint in our lives and that it matters how we are born. She feels honored to support women, their partners and families, and be part of their journey. Sylvia is a native Austrian and lives with her husband and daughter in White Plains, NY. She offers her services in English and German. 

Postpartum services and overnights available. 

Belly to Birth Doula Services

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CHRISTINA CARINO-FORREST is a DONA-trained doula, and has been attending births for the past three years. Christina is the mother of two beautiful children and lives with her loving husband in New Rochelle. She is passionate about being a doula and believes women have the innate ability to give birth and to care for their babies. Her goal as a doula is to help parents discover their own voices, their own strength, and their own unique capacity to give birth and be amazing parents.

Christina is certified in many comfort measures including Rebozo, Spinning Babies and Red Cross CPR. Her experience includes: VBAC clients, mothers over the age of 40, twin vaginal birth, high risk, inductions, home birth and unmedicated births. She has initiated skin-to-skin and breastfeeding during a C-section. She offers birth photography, acupressure in labor, and essential oils during labor.


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Beautiful Births Labor Doulas
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I am a DONA-certified birth doula who really cares about you and your birth. I will provide exceptional, judgement free support for your pregnancy, labor, birth and postpartum period.  I am honored to work in hospital, home birth and birth center environments.  I will consider it my deepest honor to journey with you and be part of making your birth a beautiful experience.




I'm a doula, PCD(DONA) and CD (DONA), and birth educator (LCCE) providing prenatal, birth and postpartum support throughout Dutchess, Westchester and Putnam counties (NY), as well as Fairfield and Litchfield counties (CT). As a mother of three young children, with a background in occupational therapy and mental health, I am particularly adept in navigating postpartum family adjustment by way of hands on help, loads of emotional support, a great sense of humor, patience and compassion,  and creative problem-solving. I have immense respect for and trust in the natural, physiologic process of birth, and am also a passionate breastfeeding advocate. I support births in any setting, and proudly work with families of any race, culture, or religion, marital or financial status, sexual orientation or gender identity. Birth education is available in a home setting, privately or semi-privately.

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I am a seasoned birth professional who supports women and their partners during pregnancy, labor, and birth throughout Westchester and Fairfield counties. 

I am passionate about women being able to experience birth that is positive and well-informed, and believe that every woman has the right to birth in the manner she feels is best: with a midwife or obstetrician; with pain medication or not; in a hospital, birth center, or at home. 

Every birth is unique. I have an academic and professional background in communications that allows me the unique ability to "read" a situation quickly and accurately, and help protect their peace of mind as they navigate their birth journey. I am trained and certified by DONA International, and trained in HypnoBirthing and Mind + Body Birth labor relaxation techniques.  Please find out more about me and read my client testimonials at

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HEATHER KAPLAN is a DONA-certified birth doula, postpartum doula and certified school psychologist. She brings passion, an open heart, strength of spirit and a good sense of humor to her work as a doula. Heather has a grounded perspective and believes women labor most efficiently when they feel safe and relaxed, so she helps her clients feel prepared for and feel optimistic about their upcoming birth. Heather’s personal experiences of birth and motherhood enlightened her to the importance of women feeling nurtured, respected and informed throughout their childbearing year, and how this translates into immediate and long-term benefits for the entire family. Being a mom is Heather’s most cherished role so she feels such gratitude in supporting women as they are born into motherhood!

Royal Mothering
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SANGEET RAJ KAUR is a resident of Yonkers, NY and has been assisting births since 2008. She is a holistic childbirth educator and full spectrum doula providing antepartum, labor and postpartum support to women in lower Hudson Valley, Westchester County and NYC area. Sangeet specializes in natural (including VBAC) births whether at home, in birthing centers or within hospital setting. She believes that healthier pregnancies, outcomes and above all healthier babies and families come from a mother who feels supported and encouraged throughout her pregnancy. Her journey in supporting mothers began during pregnancy with her son, Cameron. Her education during pregnancy and natural birth at Hudson Valley Hospital inspired her to assist other women in accomplishing their own unique birth goals. Sangeet used meditation, yoga, natural comfort techniques and holistic support methods during pregnancy and labor and is passionate about providing the same tools for women she supports. She strives to make every birth an empowering experience! 

Sangeet’s doula training was heavily based in birth justice. In addition to her private client’s she also serves as an Ancient Song community doula for high need and low income women in NYC.Sangeet is also a certified Kundalini yoga instructor focusing on womb wellness and women's teachings. Her practice in Tuckahoe, NY allows for continuity of care by offering expectant and new mom circles while encompassing fertility, prenatal and 'mommy and me' yoga into her repertoire. 

Ancient Song Full Spectrum Doula Training
KRI Level One Certification program in Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan. This certification is internationally recognized and exceeds Yoga Alliance standards of YA Registered Yoga Teacher Certificate, RYT® (200).
Khalsa Way® Prenatal Certification which fulfills Yoga Alliance’s 85-hour national standard for a Registered Prenatal Yoga Teacher (RPYT®)
Yoni Steam Institute® Womb Reiki™ Practitioner and Womb Massage & Detox Specialist
Reclaiming the Medicine of Birth: The Energetics of Pregnancy with Karen M. Rose Herbalist 


LAUREN KUNIS is a Certified Labor Doula through DONA International, an Experienced Childbirth Educator,  a Certified Reiki Master/Teacher, and Certified Hypnobirthing Doula.  Lauren holds a BA in Communications from Hunter College/City University of New York. 

Over the course of her 10 years of practice as a Certified Labor Doula (since 2007), her overall c-section rate is less than 5%. Her dedication is unparalleled. While she guarantees back-up service, she has missed only 2 births in her entire career, and continues her dedication to her own clients as well as attending births for her colleagues. 

She has years of both holistic healthcare counseling and teaching experience as a Reiki Master. Lauren has experience with hospital births, home births and VBAC's/HBAC's and twin births. Lauren is focused on her commitment to your birth and education and is highly dedicated to you, your desires, with the strongest ethical values and dedication you will find anywhere.She has taken continuing education classes in Pharmacology in Pregnancy, Labor and Birth, Perinatal Mood Disorders, Babywearing/Cloth Diapering, Rebozo Techniques, CPR and Hypnobirthing. She is Certified from the American Heart Association in adult, child and infant CPR AED.  

Lauren is available in Westchester, Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, & Nassau County, NY.  


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SARAH LUDWIG loves helping families on their path to parenthood, and providing tools for an easier journey. Her classes will help you feel informed and empowered as your big day approaches. In a relaxed atmosphere, you'll learn about the process of labor, physical and emotional coping strategies, and get hands-on practice with comfort measures. Classes are small and personal, so there's plenty of time for questions, discussion, and individual instruction. As a doula, it is Sarah’s goal to provide your family with tools that will help you have the birth you want through support, education, and informed choices. Beyond birth, she assists during the postpartum period as you make your transition to parenthood. Sarah is an experienced babywearer, a Child Passenger Safety Tech, and an Infant CPR instructor.

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NUBIA EARTH MARTIN is a Certified Childbirth Educator, Birth and Postpartum Doula, Certified Lactation Counselor (CLC) and Student Midwife. I have been supporting and empowering women and their families since 2008.

I am the proud mother of 4 children (hospital and home births) and my experiences have opened my eyes to the incredible ability of our bodies to birth our babies naturally. I incorporate a variety of relaxation and natural pain management techniques, including massage, meditation, visualization, accupressure, gemstone healing and aromatherapy.

My services include at least one prenatal visit, continuous support during labor and delivery, and breastfeeding assistance postpartum. Childbirth and lactation classes are also available. I would be honored to be present as support for your birthing experience.

Peace and Blessings


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ILARIA O'KEEFE has served families as a doula since 2012, after being inspired by the birth of her first child to offer to others the same compassionate support and access to knowledge that she received on her own journey to motherhood. Since her training as a doula, she has worked with families in multiple parts of the country to have healthy, supported, and empowering births in all settings. She aims to help couples take the leading role in the birth of their child, with the belief that an empowered, positive, and respectful birth builds a strong foundation for a positive transition to parenthood.  Besides her work as a birth doula, Ilaria spends time singing, knitting, playing board games, and learning about the world with her two children.

Birth Bungalow, LLC

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NICOLE PELUSO, IBCLC, CD, AATH is a lactation consultant, birth doula and certified attachment parenting educator based in Greenwich, CT. The scope of her practice extends from New York City to New Haven.

Nicole was certified as a doula through the National Institute of Midwifery, as lactation consultant through the International Board of Lactation Consultation Examiners, and as a parenting educator through Attachment Parenting International.

Beginning her journey in the birth world in 1997 as La Leche League Leader, Nicole has assisted thousands of mothers believing that each family is unique and education and support are the keys to empowered birth and early motherhood experiences. Nicole is the mother of three children, all born peacefully with the help of midwives and nourished with breastmilk and lots of love.

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JEN PIFER has been attending births throughout Westchester County in both hospitals and in homes since 2012. A mom of three, Jen’s passion for assisting women in childbirth arose from her own birth experiences and the desire to ensure every woman feels supported and excited about her birth. Jen’s empathic style helps to create a relaxed working relationship in which mom feels secure and respected regardless of her wishes or choices. 

A MaternityWise trained labor and postpartum doula, Jen believes the doula/mom/partner collaboration should feel really good, and that everyone deserves a doula. 

Birth & Postpartum Doula
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Maggie Rosenfeld is a Birth and Postpartum Doula in Westchester County who provides services in the Tri-State area. Her training and certifications come through DONA international and The Matrona. For years she has served people as a Mental Health Counselor, Crisis Counselor and Organizational Psychologist. Her desire to join the “Birth World” came after a friend had a traumatic birth experience and shared how unsupported she felt during the process. Maggie wanted to be a part of the movement of women changing how moms experience birth...and so she is!  She brings a calm energy to the parents that she works with. Maggie comes from a large family with six adopted siblings and Maggie being one of the youngest. This upbringing allows for a celebration of the diversity each family holds in her eyes. She supports women and their families through the birth journey whether at home, in a birth center or a hospital. Maggie values building lasting bonds with families and supporting them as they make informed and instinctive decisions during pregnancy, birth and postpartum care.

Digital Doula/ Pregnancy & Newborn Parent Coach
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I help you apply who you are to the process of having a baby so the experience fits you rather than fitting yourself into the experience.  Judgment-free.

Good Birth Classes, private class sessions (available by video chat and/or in-person) and 24/7 coaching (phone, email, text and video chat) at home with your newborn, help you get clear around what you want for yourself, your birth and your baby.

Supporting families for 30 years, Lisa helped establish the doula program at Mt. Sinai Hospital, has provided expert advice to The New York TimesParenting magazine and the Utne Reader, and has been featured on The Today Show.  Lisa is the co-author of The Birth That’s Right For You and the creator of The Footprint Kit!


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