Postpartum Doulas and Baby Nurses



VALENCIA ANDREWS is a DONA-trained birth doula, providing services in Westchester County and the Greater New York City area. Her path to birth work was inspired by supporting many close friends and family during their labor and delivery experiences.  It was these formative experiences that guided Valencia during her early training, informing her current approach as a doula, of being centered on wholehearted attentiveness and providing a calm presence, while giving non-judgmental, physical, emotional and spiritual support to pregnant persons.  

Valencia believes in the immense power of having a positive labor and birth experience and its long-lasting impact on the mother, child, family and mother’s community. She expresses her creativity and commitment to the health of women and babies through her services, and is devoted to embracing the birth vision and tending to the unique needs of each laboring person.  

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Postpartum Doula, (DONA)
Home Birth Midwife Birth Assistant
Yoga Instructor
Reiki Practitioner
Trained in Havening Technique
Sage Smudging of auras and work and personal living spaces

JulietRose is a certified Birth Doula (CD, DONA) trained Postpartum Doula (DONA), Certified Lactation Counselor, Reiki Practitioner, Yoga Instructor, CPR certified and trained in Havening technique. The Havening Technique is a healing modality that is designed to help individuals overcome problems that are the consequence of traumatic encoding. Juliet was born in St. Elizabeth, Jamaica West Indies a beautiful Island in the Caribbean where her approach and philosophy to birth, family, life and living was influenced. This makes her embracing and sensitive of all cultures.

As a Birth Doula, she works with a pregnant person and their family before, during labor and very briefly after labor. Some clients may require continued care during what some refer to as the fourth trimester—the postpartum period. Juliet felt becoming a Postpartum Doula was just another link in her service-oriented approach to birthing. Juliet also works with parents who have opened up their hearts and home in adopting a child and need postpartum services. She recognizes that the gift of a child comes to a family in alignment with the energetic field of Love.

Juliet will care for the mother and her family in their home in the first few weeks following birth. She will provide non-medical support and companionship, assist with newborn care and sibling adjustment, meal preparation and household organization. She offers evidence-based information on newborn feeding, emotional and physical recovery from childbirth, and other issues related to the postpartum period, and can make referrals if necessary.

As a Certified Lactation Counselor, Juliet works to improve breastfeeding relationships, build confidence through listening to the family needs, support and share evidence based information to improve Mother’s choice of successful breastfeeding.


(914) 325-6011 (phone or text)
(Speaks Spanish and English)
*Serving families in Northern Westchester and Putnam counties (NY) and Fairfield (CT)

 is a doula and hypnotherapist with more than 30 years of experience and attendance at over 200 births. She is the creator of mind+body birth, a unique, science-based system of birth hypnosis and childbirth education designed to help pregnant women achieve a calm, empowered birth. She has helped hundreds of people overcome their fears and limiting beliefs to create positive change and achieve their goals. She is a founding member of HVBN, and is the founder and former director of the first freestanding birth center in Westchester County, NY--The Birth Cottage. She possesses a Masters degree in Public Administration, has trained doulas, helped establish and operate two postpartum doula services, and has worked with individuals and couples as a sex educator, childbirth educator, birth doula, and postpartum doula. 

Julietta gave birth to both her children in birth centers, and is a fierce midwifery advocate. The experience of giving birth naturally was so powerful and deeply spiritual, it inspired Julietta to become a childbirth educator and doula.  In her role as doula, she helps create a sense of safety and calm surrounding the birthing mother, and provides her and her family with non-judgmental support. 


**Serving all of the Hudson Valley and Manhattan**

LINDSAY ASKINS is a mother, photographer, doula, and an activist and advocate for women’s rights in pregnancy and childbirth. Her education and professional background includes a degree in Animal Science from Texas A&M, working as a veterinary tech for a decade, breeding horses, and teaching high school science. After her small teaching career, Lindsay launched her photography business in 2010. After the birth of her first daughter in 2012, Lindsay’s work organically shifted toward photographing births, and she subsequently began doula certification with Childbirth International in 2013.

Working as a doula quickly led Lindsay towards advocacy work. In 2015, after working with Improving Birth and Birth Monopoly, she co-created an ongoing photography project bringing awareness to obstetric violence and birth trauma in America called ‘Exposing the Silence Project’. She believes the majority of maternal mental health issues and perinatal mood disorders can be improved by educating both families and care providers on the effects of obstetric violence and associated birth trauma.
As a doula, Lindsay draws on her knowledge and experience from breeding horses (also mammals) in supporting mothers during pregnancy and birth. She deeply values a mother's intuition and the innate knowledge that women are designed to grow, birth, and nourish babies. Lindsay's first priority is supporting a mother's power and autonomy during one of the most important chapters of her life which results in empowerment and confidence in motherhood. Lindsay offers birth photography and placenta encapsulation in addition to providing postpartum and homebirth doula support.

*Serving families in Lower Westchester

I'm so excited to help your family as you welcome home your new love.  Some ways that I can support your family as a DONA-trained postpartum doula:

  • Support with baby feeding options, including breastfeeding support

  • Therapeutic techniques such as herbal teas, essential oil use, and reflexology for postpartum healing and easing anxiety

  • Holistic meals and snacks with advice on optimal postnatal nutrition

  • Tips for navigating through sleepless nights and days

  • Education on infant care (bathing, cord care, diapering, reading baby's cues, calming techniques)

  • Baby care while you rest

  • Sibling care as you bond with baby

  • Support in processing your birth experience

  • Light housekeeping such as tidying the kitchen, doing baby's laundry, organizing the nursery

I also host a monthly healthy eating meeting at my home where we cook, eat, and strategize together.


Postpartum Doula of Westchester, NY

MARINA D'AMORE was born and raised in Brazil, then moved to New York where she got her bachelor’s degree. After working in banking for a number of years and having two kids of her own, she decided to pursue a new career path that is dear to her heart, which is supporting new mothers.

The calling to support new mothers started when Marina learned that a local mom (friends in common) was having a hard time postpartum. Marina volunteered to come and care for the newborn while the mother took a much needed nap. Six years later the calling got louder and she got her doula certification.

Marina got her birth and postpartum certification through Madriella and is currently working to become a Breastfeeding Counselor, bereavement doula, and a La Leche League Leader.

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Postpartum Doula & Registered Yoga Teacher

Coming into doula work with a background in Integrated Movement Therapy, Harper is able to meet the family where they are at and provide clear, non-judgmental, and objective care.  Rooted in the philosophy that every member in the family is an individual and to be respected as such, the whole family is to be uplifted and empowered.  Every family is different, Harper help eases the transition of the family dynamic to accommodate the new baby by providing a holistic perspective to and for the whole family.  

Harper became invested in postpartum doula work after taking a close look at her personal needs and the needs of her growing family.  With all of the excitement surrounding the event of the birth, Harper was concerned about what happens postpartum.  With her core support system living far away, being a first time parent, and the clutter of myths and information from the internet and baby paraphernalia, she decided to evaluated her and her family's limits and abilities.  In the process of doing so, she realized there are so many other families that have the same question: what happens after?  Harper felt the calling to connect with these families to help, support, and educate.

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JANET GORDON is a DONA-certified postpartum doula and a Certified Lactation Counselor through the Healthy Children's Center for Breastfeeding. Janet's own postpartum recoveries were very challenging. It was the support of an amazing postpartum doula who not only gave her the confidence to be a strong mother but planted the seeds for Janet to want to support and nurture new families herself. Janet's postpartum experiences have been varied and include first time and experienced mothers, breastfeeding and formula-feeding families, preemie twins, and challenging C-section recoveries. Janet loves pets and will happily walk your dog or pet your cat as part of her postpartum tasks! "The postpartum period is a time of great joy but can also be overwhelming as the new mother recovers from birth while also adjusting to the demands of round-the-clock newborn care. I am sensitive to the needs of these early weeks and want to make the transition to new parenthood as smooth as possible.:"

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(914) 362-8636

I began practicing as a Licensed Massage Therapist in 2002 and I specialize in fertility, prenatal, postpartum and infant massage. I also offer Reiki, Yoga, Childbirth Education and Postpartum Doula support.

My love and study of traditional healing arts coupled with an educational background in biology offers a me a unique approach to working with clients and students alike. I attended the Finger Lakes School of Massage in Ithaca, prior to which I earned a bachelor’s degree in Biology and studied herbal medicine at the Northeast School of Botanical Medicine. I received advanced training in Perinatal Massage, Infant Massage, Medical Massage, Reiki, and Anatomy Trains. Once I began working with pregnant mothers, I became enchanted by this sacred time in a woman's life.

My own journey of pregnancy began with my son, who was born in 2008. I quickly learned that the sacred time of pregnancy can be scary and challenging. In walking this path as a single mother, I decided to learn and research traditional birth practices. I found an amazing yoga teacher, went to weekly prenatal yoga and attended childbirth education. These experiences grounded me and allowed me to feel at ease, confident and grateful during my pregnancy. I had a powerful and transformative birth experience where I was supported by my yoga practice, a birth doula and a nurse midwife. Having traveled the sacred journey of birth, I wanted to help other women and families.

My next steps were clear.... I completed a 200-hour Yoga teacher training, attended Pre and Postnatal Yoga training, trained as a Lamaze Childbirth Educator, Birth Doula, Postpartum Doula, and Infant Massage Educator. Through my journey I have cultivated a deep respect for the innate wisdom and healing ability of the body, mind and spirit. I am extremely thankful for my teachers, students, clients and colleagues alike. I am the founder of Tree of Life Healing Arts, a Westchester based wellness practice offering Massage, Reiki, Yoga, Childbirth Education and Postpartum doula support.

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Birth & Postpartum Doula

My passion for gestating persons and newborns began very early in life, at just 9 years old, after the birth of my mom's goddaughter. I was completely enamored of this beautiful, tiny being, and when I held her, a tremendous sense of calm and quiet came over me. To this day, any time I hold a newborn, I’m still engulfed in the same tranquil state. So of course, it’s only natural that I chose to become a doula while simultaneously feeding my need to hold little babes! I find that my sense of calm translates well to new parents, helping new families feel more at ease in their transition into parenthood.

As the owner of my own doula service, Harding Hatchlings, LLC, I offer birth, postpartum and bereavement doula support, in-home lactation counseling, and in-home prenatal/postpartum and infant massage.

Professional Newborn Care Specialist (Baby Nurse) & Certified Lactation Counselor (CLC)
(718) 954-2948
(347) 427-6198

My passion for working with babies started at a young age which has lead me to a fulfilling 13-year career and hundreds of happy families. Nothing gives me greater satisfaction than to see little ones enjoy a healthy development and seeing the satisfaction of happy, confident parents. This passion has lead me to pursue certificates and education which are not typical of a traditional baby nurse. This has equipped me to offer the families I work with more resources and knowledge to meet their individual needs while providing the best care possible. 

As a Certified Lactation Counselor (CLC), I have successfully completed a 45-hour training based upon the footprint of the World Health Organization/UNICEF Breastfeeding Counseling Training Course.  I have successfully passed a criterion-referenced examination, and demonstrated the competencies and skills required to provide safe, evidence-based counseling for pregnant, lactating and breastfeeding women. 



I'm a doula, PCD(DONA), and CD(DONA), and birth educator (LCCE) providing prenatal, birth and postpartum support throughout Dutchess, Westchester and Putnam counties (NY), as well as Fairfield and Litchfield counties (CT). As a mother of three young children, with a background in occupational therapy and mental health, I am particularly adept in navigating postpartum family adjustment by way of hands on help, loads of emotional support, a great sense of humor, patience and compassion,  and creative problem-solving. I have immense respect for and trust in the natural, physiologic process of birth, and am also a passionate breastfeeding advocate. I support births in any setting, and proudly work with families of any race, culture, or religion, marital or financial status, sexual orientation or gender identity. Birth education is available in a home setting, privately or semi-privately.

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(914) 816-6723

I am a seasoned birth professional who supports women and their families throughout Westchester and Fairfield counties. 

I help new mothers and their partners understand how to better appreciate a "newborn" mother's "baby brain," which nature has designed to change with the birth of your baby and help you adjust to new motherhood. I believe that there is no right or wrong way to become new parents. As a new mom, you have the answers once you tune out others' well-intentioned advice and instead focus on your baby's signals and your own intuition

I can also help guide you toward additional professional support if needed. Please find out more about me and read my client testimonials at

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HEATHER KAPLAN is an Advanced Holistic Birth Doula and has attended over 100 births since 2012. She offers unconditional support throughout your childbearing year and as you transition into parenthood, whether it be your first, second or twelfth child. A relaxed mind supports a relaxed body and an easier birth experience, so Heather will help you feel ready and excited for your birth! The nature of her support is grounded and evidence-based to help expectant families make well-informed decisions. Her personal experiences of birth and motherhood made her realize the importance of a birthing person feeling nurtured, respected and informed throughout their childbearing year, and the beautiful ways this benefits the entire family. Heather supports her clients with a spirit of personal empowerment and patience, as you explore your birth options and preferences together. She offers private childbirth education, birth planning, labor support, postpartum care and breastfeeding support. Heather supports and educates new families about breastfeeding and their feeding options in general. She finds beauty and value in learning to read newborn babies' cues as a tool to help new parents feel confident and excited about their connection to their baby. Heather is "Mommy" to three precious little ones, "Honey" to her overly affectionate husband, and a lover of all things relaxing and emotionally centering. Being a mom is her most cherished role and she is so excited for expectant families as they are born into the club! She looks forward to supporting you in your journey.

Royal Mothering
IG: royalmothering

SANGEET RAJ KAUR is a full spectrum doula and holistic childbirth educator providing support to women and families in lower Hudson Valley, Westchester County and NYC area. As a postpartum doula her focus is on "mothering the mother" to ensure moms get enough support and in turn have the energy to care for their little one and integrate a new life together.  In having Sangeet as a companion mothers can feel supported, confide and ask questions that in turn help reduce feelings of anxiety, stress and isolation. Postpartum services include:

  • Postnatal Nourishing Meals & Herbal Support

  • Light Housekeeping

  • 40 Day Nesting Rituals

  • Breastfeeding Support & Infant Nutrition

  • BengKung Belly Binding

  • Postnatal Yoga

  • C- Section Surgery Care

  • New Mom Support Circles

  • Infant Potty Training/ Elimination Communication

  • Sleep Adjusting & Back-to-Work Protocols

  • Closing of the Bones/ Traditional Mayan Rebozo “Cerrada” Ceremony

Ancient Song Full Spectrum Doula Training
KRI Level One Certification program in Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan. This certification is internationally recognized and exceeds Yoga Alliance standards of YA Registered Yoga Teacher Certificate, RYT® (200).
Khalsa Way® Fertility/ Prenatal/ Postnatal Certification which fulfills Yoga Alliance’s 85-hour national standard for a Registered Prenatal Yoga Teacher (RPYT®)
Yoni Steam Institute® Womb Reiki™ Practitioner and Womb Massage & Detox Specialist
Reclaiming the Medicine of Birth: The Energetics of Pregnancy with Karen M. Rose Herbalist

(914) 999-BABY (2229)

SARAH LUDWIG loves helping families on their path to parenthood, and providing tools for an easier journey. Her classes will help you feel informed and empowered as your big day approaches. In a relaxed atmosphere, you'll learn about the process of labor, physical and emotional coping strategies, and get hands-on practice with comfort measures. Classes are small and personal, so there's plenty of time for questions, discussion, and individual instruction. As a doula, it is Sarah’s goal to provide your family with tools that will help you have the birth you want through support, education, and informed choices. Beyond birth, she assists during the postpartum period as you make your transition to parenthood. Sarah is an experienced babywearer, a Child Passenger Safety Tech, and an Infant CPR instructor.

(914) 513-8808

NUBIA EARTH MARTIN is a Certified Childbirth Educator, Birth and Postpartum Doula, Certified Lactation Counselor (CLC) and Student Midwife. I have been supporting and empowering women and their families since 2008.

I am the proud mother of 4 children (hospital and home births) and my experiences have opened my eyes to the incredible ability of our bodies to birth our babies naturally. I incorporate a variety of relaxation and natural pain management techniques, including massage, meditation, visualization, accupressure, gemstone healing and aromatherapy.

My services include at least one prenatal visit, continuous support during labor and delivery, and breastfeeding assistance postpartum. Childbirth and lactation classes are also available. I would be honored to be present as support for your birthing experience.

Peace and Blessings.

Birth Bungalow, LLC

(203) 529-1533 (office)
(323) 595-4006 (cell)

NICOLE PELUSO, IBCLC, CD, AATH is a lactation consultant, birth doula and certified attachment parenting educator based in Greenwich, CT. The scope of her practice extends from New York City to New Haven.

Nicole was certified as a doula through the National Institute of Midwifery, as lactation consultant through the International Board of Lactation Consultation Examiners, and as a parenting educator through Attachment Parenting International.

Beginning her journey in the birth world in 1997 as La Leche League Leader, Nicole has assisted thousands of mothers believing that each family is unique and education and support are the keys to empowered birth and early motherhood experiences. Nicole is the mother of three children all born peacefully with the help of midwives and nourished with breastmilk and lots of love.

(917) 734-0813

JEN PIFER has been attending births throughout Westchester County in both hospitals and in homes since 2012. A mom of three, Jen’s passion for assisting women in childbirth arose from her own birth experiences and the desire to ensure every woman feels supported and excited about her birth. Jen’s empathic style helps to create a relaxed working relationship in which mom feels secure and respected regardless of her wishes or choices. 

A MaternityWise trained labor and postpartum doula, Jen believes the doula/mom/partner collaboration should feel really good, and that everyone deserves a doula. 

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Amaritday- The Sacred Health Doula
(978) 480-0773
IG: amaritday

REV. MARITDAY RODRIGUEZ is a full spectrum doula and holistic childbirth educator providing support to women and families in Mid Hudson Valley, Westchester County and NYC area. As a postpartum doula her focus is on “nurturing the family” to ensure moms and dads get enough support and in turn creating space and energy to care for their new baby and begin integration as a new family together. In having Maritday as a companion, parents can feel supported, confide and ask questions that in turn help reduce feelings of anxiety, stress and isolation.

Postpartum services include:

Postnatal Nourishing Meals & Herbal Support
Light Housekeeping
40 Day Nesting Rituals
Breastfeeding Support & Infant Nutrition
BengKung Belly Binding
Belly Facial
C- Section Surgery Care
New Mom Healing and Support Circles
Infant Potty Training/ Elimination Communication
Sleep Adjusting & Back-to-Work Protocols
Closing of the Bones/ Traditional Mayan Rebozo “Cerrada” Ceremony

NYS Registered Ordained Minister
Institute for Integrative Nutrition - Certified Holistic Health Coach
Hypnobabies Childbirth Hypnosis Doula
The Matrona Full Spectrum Holistic Doula Training
The Matrona Advanced Holistic Childbirth Education (180 hours)
Integrated Energy Therapy Master instructor/Practitioner
Integrated Energy Therapy Master instructor/Practitioner
The Matrona Tending the PostPartum Psyche
Certified Birth Spirituality and Healing Coach - Gena McCarthy
Women’s Herbal Intensive with Aremisa, known as the Indigenous Doula of Indigenous Remedies
WOMB BLESSING™ Attunement - Female Energy Awakening - Level 1 Moon Mother
Yoni Steam Institute® Yoni Steam For Personal Care
Traditional Postpartum Practitioner - Valerie Lynn - The Mommy Plan
Steamy Chick Vaginal Steam Facilitator Certification


Birth & Postpartum Doula
(585) 303-0029
Skype: maggie.rosenfeld

Maggie Rosenfeld is a Birth and Postpartum Doula in Westchester County who provides services in the Tri-State area. Her training and certifications come through DONA international and The Matrona. For years she has served people as a Mental Health Counselor, Crisis Counselor and Organizational Psychologist. Her desire to join the “Birth World” came after a friend had a traumatic birth experience and shared how unsupported she felt during the process. Maggie wanted to be a part of the movement of women changing how moms experience birth...and so she is!  She brings a calm energy to the parents that she works with. Maggie comes from a large family with six adopted siblings and Maggie being one of the youngest. This upbringing allows for a celebration of the diversity each family holds in her eyes. She supports women and their families through the birth journey whether at home, in a birth center or a hospital. Maggie values building lasting bonds with families and supporting them as they make informed and instinctive decisions during pregnancy, birth and postpartum care.

Virtual Doula/ Pregnancy & Newborn Parent Support
(914) 715-2527 (cell)

Good Birth Classes, private class sessions (available by video chat and/or in-person) and 24/7 support (phone, email, text and video chat) at home with your newborn, help you get clear around what you want for yourself, your birth and your baby.

I help you apply who you are to the process of having a baby so the experience fits you rather than fitting yourself into the experience. Judgment-free.

Supporting families for 35 years, Lisa helped establish the doula program at Mt. Sinai Hospital, has provided expert advice to The New York TimesParenting magazine and the Utne Reader, and has been featured on The Today Show.  Lisa is the co-author of The Birth That’s Right For You and the creator of The Footprint Kit!

Postpartum Doula

I am a postpartum doula for families in the Hudson Valley and Westchester County.  I am a mother to 4 little girls and had such wonderful birth and postpartum periods with all of them.  I feel that every growing family deserves these experiences and I would love to be the one to help them.  
My strengths are newborn care, breastfeeding, and emotional support.  But I always want to learn more.  I am constantly reading, researching, and taking courses and workshops.  I hope to pass this knowledge on to as many families that I can.


Gentle Spirit Postpartum Doula Services
(231) 866-1832

Few things give me greater joy than helping families adjust to their new additions.  As a Certified Postpartum Doula (CAPPA) I help out in a variety of ways from offering feeding support--including breastfeeding and bottle-feeding--newborn care and instruction, all the necessary household chores from dishes to laundry, errands, and sibling care, as well as home-cooked meals and delicious nutritious baked goods. I am also a music educator and can bring my guitar along for older siblings to enjoy! Servicing Westchester, Rockland and Fairfield counties, give me a call to see if we’d be a good fit.  My goal is to support you and lighten your load so you’re able to enjoy this special time with your newborn. 

Certified Lactation Counselor (CLC), Birth and Postpartum Doula
(203) 273-2471
**Serving families throughout Westchester, Putnam and Dutchess counties in NY, as well as Fairfield and Litchfield counties in CT**

KHAYLEN STANTON is a Certified Lactation Counselor (CLC) and a DONA/DTI-trained Birth and Postpartum doula.
I believe that with birth, as with most things in life, any time spent before the “big event” preparing, educating and evaluating options, is time very well spent. I enjoy working through questions, concerns, wishes and dreams around what birth, postpartum and breastfeeding looks and feels like for each individual client I have the honor of working with. I provide evidence-based research so my clients feel empowered to advocate for the experience they deserve. I help each client to recognize the power that already resides inside of them, to trust birth and their bodies innate abilities. I started attending births in 2010 before ever having children of my own. I now am the mother to 3 young children that keep me on my toes! In addition to birth, I have had the privilege of supporting numerous breastfeeding dyads and well as entire families as they transition into life with a new baby. I support births in any setting, and proudly work with families of any race, culture, or religion, marital or financial status, sexual orientation or gender identity. I partner with my friend and fellow doula, Jeni Howe ( to offer birth education which is available in a home setting, privately or semi-privately.

(914) 472-7658

LAUREN TAYLOR, the 2nd of four children, was born in Massachusetts and grew up on Cape Cod. After graduating from the University of Massachusetts in 1976, she moved to New York City and in 1979 married Rich Cardinali. In 1982 she gave birth to twins, Andrea and David. The family moved to Westchester in late 1983 and in 1986 she had another son, Raymond. She became interested in the fields of childbirth, labor support, and postpartum care while preparing for the challenging task of achieving her own VBAC (vaginal birth after a cesarean section). For the past 20 years, Lauren has dedicated herself to helping mothers and families as they adjust to their new roles. She was certified in 1994 by the Childbirth Education Association.


(914) 609-7908
Facebook: The Passion Birthing Project
Instagram: @thepassionbirthingproject

I am a mom of three beautiful girls and we reside in Dobbs Ferry, New York. I am currently a pediatric nurse whom has decided to venture into the doula profession, trained by DONA International. My number one passion is making a positive difference in the lives of others.

I have a background in maternity and infants. I have provided birth and infant support for many friends and family members; also having my own firsthand experience of birthing at a young age and not having support, made me become passionate about providing a positive, empowered birthing experience for others.

Preparing for a birth can be stressful! All birthers deserve the emotional and physical support needed to bond with baby. You should feel confident you are receiving the proper guidance and support in a setting in which you feel safe and comfortable. I also have access to multiple local resources that share the same idea and goal as I do- which is your family's overall well being.

Nicole W

Westchester Doula Care
(917) 821-1149

Having helped countless women, I can assure you that while new babies are amazing - welcoming a newborn is an adjustment. My role is to help you balance your baby's needs with the needs of yourself and your family. In pairing my Doula training with utilizing my Masters of Social Work, my approach is to protect your space so you can enjoy this precious time while creating a comfortable environment and easing the transition for all. It is extremely gratifying for me to guide and nurture moms knowing how much it eases minds and hearts. I live in Tarrytown, NY with my husband and daughters. Aside from my doula work, I am an MSW who has created curriculum and trainings used in schools addressing the emotional well-being of children.

I also offer weekly support groups for new moms and moms-to-be. Learn more at

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LAURA WANAMAKER, Certified Doula (ProDoula)

I am exclusively a postpartum and newborn doula. I hold a second certification in infant feeding. I consult with basic lactation advice, as well as formula and bottle feeding. I am experienced with preemies, micro preemies, multiples, advanced maternal age, and IVF babies.

My mantra is, “the best gift you can give your baby is a happy mother.” I bring a philosophy of “what does the mother want,” not what everyone else wants for her. My primary service area is the lower Hudson Valley, North Jersey, NYC, and Connecticut. I am available for overnights, live-in, and traveling. My website has detailed information about myself and my services. Also on my website are “Kind Words” from clients.

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Certified Lactation Specialist
Brook Farm Doula

 As a doula, it is often suggested that I must love babies. While I do love babies, what I love more are parents. I love serving in a role that supports other women (and men, and families) as they make the transition to parenthood. My job is to free up the “noise” in your world, so that you can focus on yourself and your baby. This has looked like any number of things to the many families I have been lucky to work with. My work is value and judgement free, and your goals are my goals, but I believe in drawing upon evidence-based research when making decisions about how to care for ourselves and our children.

 I am a mom to two wonderful, crazy-making kids. I live in Bedford, NY, and travel throughout Westchester and parts of Connecticut to serve families. I am currently working towards IBCLC certification, and always continuing to educate myself about how better to serve the families I work with. In addition to my private client work, I have the distinct privilege to serve incarcerated women (and their babies) at Bedford Hills Correctional Facility.

HVBN is a membership network only and not responsible for the opinions, practice, or health care services provided by individuals listed on this site. We suggest that clients do their own research to confirm that a provider’s beliefs and practices are consistent with their own.