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DR. REBECCA ABRAMSON is a licensed psychologist with over 20 years of clinical experience working with women across the life span.  She works to create a safe place for women to explore the challenges of motherhood, specializing in the treatment of perinatal and postpartum mood disorders.  Utilizing a variety of approaches, including EMDR, she also specializes in helping women recover from traumatic events which may be triggered by the experience of giving birth or by new motherhood.  These include childhood neglect and abuse, infertility and pregnancy loss.  She also has extensive experience working with parents of special needs children, helping them cope with the particular stresses involved.  

Dr. Abramson was trained by Postpartum Support International and has led numerous workshops on postpartum adjustment and depression.  She has also been trained in Eye Movement Densensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) , a psychological approach which has been shown to be particularly effective for post traumatic stress.  She provides individual and couples therapy in her Hartsdale office. 

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Perinatal/Postpartum Psychotherapy (Offices in White Plains and Manhattan)
A Bridge Home: In-Home Psychotherapy for Postpartum Moms 

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DR. KIRA BARTLETT is a New York state licensed clinical psychologist with over 14 years of successful clinical experience with individuals in short- and long-term psychotherapy. She provides individual, dyadic and group psychotherapy to women and couples struggling around issues of parenthood. She utilizes a dynamic approach incorporating clients’ histories with current, practical suggestions. Her private practice is in White Plains, New York and Manhattan, New York. She offers group psychotherapy at the Full Circle Family Care Center in White Plains, as well as in-home psychotherapy for postpartum mothers. Dr. Bartlett also provides training and in-services for professionals and agencies interested in screening for postpartum mood disorders. She is available for consultation and clinical supervision as well.  

Dr. Bartlett strives to create a non-judgmental environment for examining one’s issues and challenges, while aiding her clients to become more comfortable with a wide range of emotional experiences that make life interesting and enjoyable. She brings empathy and warmth to her work, but also maintains a sense of humor.

Fertility & Adoption Counseling
Offices in Larchmont & Manhattan
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CAROLYN BERGER is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who provides guidance and support to all individuals and couples who wish to create a family. She is an expert in the fields of fertility, pregnancy loss and adoption. Her network includes fertility doctors, adoption lawyers/agencies, and complementary and alternative medicine specialists.

Carolyn Berger is a founder of Path2Parenthood and chairs Path2Parenthood’s Adoption Advisory Council. She is a member of the American Society of Reproductive Medicine (ASRM), the Adoptive Parents Committee and NASW. She runs a family building group at the LGBT Center in NYC.  

Carolyn Berger speaks and writes frequently on fertility and adoption. She has two sons, one through reproductive technology and one through adoption.

If you are trying to build your family and need support and guidance, please contact her at 914-834-6396 to set up an appointment at either location.

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DR. SHARA M. BROFMAN is a licensed psychologist whose work centers around reproductive and perinatal mental health. She supports people before, during, and after pregnancy, as well as those struggling through the postpartum period, birth trauma, pregnancy loss, termination, infertility, and navigating family building through Assisted Reproductive Technology (e.g. IVF), third-party reproduction (e.g. egg or sperm donation and surrogacy), adoption, and fertility preservation. She is also happy to work with a variety of concerns in therapy, including depression, anxiety, grief, relationships, career and social pressures, and life transitions. Dr. Brofman provides assessment, short-term and long-term psychotherapy, counseling, and coaching. She teaches educational workshops, runs trainings, and provides clinical supervision and consultation in reproductive and perinatal mental health.

Dr. Brofman incorporates warmth, humor, and a realistic, down-to-earth perspective in her work. She welcomes individuals, couples and families representing diverse experiences and backgrounds. Dr. Brofman actively supports LGBTQ individuals and families, including and as well as single parents and parents-to-be.

Dr. Brofman is on the adjunct faculty at Teachers College, Columbia University, where she built and taught a master's level course on perinatal mental health. She also provides clinical services and runs trainings for healthcare providers at the Seleni Institute in Manhattan. She has been an active member of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine's Mental Health Professional Group since 2011 and has served on its Continuing Education Committee since 2015.

Office in Hartsdale, NY
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Dr. JEANETTE SAWYER COHEN is a Columbia University trained clinical psychologist specializing in maternal mental health, including perinatal anxiety, depression, and trauma. Additionally trained as a birth doula, she recognizes that women benefit from having a compassionate space to process experiences around childbirth and motherhood, with the opportunity to explore questions about child development and parenting. Psychotherapy is individualized and may integrate psychodynamic, cognitive-behavioral, and mindfulness approaches. 

Dr. Sawyer Cohen also specializes in developmental and behavioral concerns in babies and young children. Recognized as an infant mental health specialist, she is passionate about sharing the science of early childhood development through consultation, research, advocacy and teaching. 


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I'm a doula, PCD(DONA) and CD (DONA), and birth educator (LCCE) providing prenatal, birth and postpartum support throughout Dutchess, Westchester and Putnam counties (NY), as well as Fairfield and Litchfield counties (CT). As a mother of three young children, with a background in occupational therapy and mental health, I am particularly adept in navigating postpartum family adjustment by way of hands on help, loads of emotional support, a great sense of humor, patience and compassion,  and creative problem-solving. I have immense respect for and trust in the natural, physiologic process of birth, and am also a passionate breastfeeding advocate. I support births in any setting, and proudly work with families of any race, culture, or religion, marital or financial status, sexual orientation or gender identity. Birth education is available in a home setting, privately or semi-privately.


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I help women cope with pre and postpartum depression and anxiety. One in seven women experience depression or anxiety during pregnancy or postpartum.
Common symtoms include exhaustion, appetite or sleep disturbances, mood swings, and anxiety.
I am affiliated with Postpartum Support International and am passionate about helping women thorugh this exciting and challenging time.

Perinatal/Postpartum Counseling and Psychotherapy
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CAROL MERLE-FISHMAN is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor and Licensed Creative Arts Therapist, certified in Integrative Psychotherapy, Clinical Transactional Analysis and Music Therapy. She has a private practice in Cortlandt Manor, NY where she works with individuals, groups and couples.

Carol has a particular interest and speciality in women’s issues such as postpartum adjustment, raising a family, balancing home and career, and other health concerns unique to women. Carol leads MOTHERS TALKING, a support group for new mothers, and offers counseling for couples facing the challenges of parenthood. Carol is a Certified Trainer/Supervisor for the International Integrative Psychotherapy Association, is a faculty member of the Institute for Integrative Psychotherapy (NYC), and offers training and workshops for health professionals involved with perinatal and postpartum care. Carol is the President-Elect of the International Integrative Psychotherapy Association.  

BROOKE NALLE, Pediatric Sleep Coach
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I am a pediatric sleep coach, working with children from infancy and beyond. My methods are developmentally appropriate and gentle. With all children, no matter what age, I focus on healthy and constructive sleep routines and behaviors. My smallest clients learn how to eat well during the day and get longer (age appropriate) stretches at night. My older clients master nap schedules and painless, calm bedtimes. Moreover my methods promote healthy eating and safe sleeping. I have a Masters in Education from Bank Street College of Education and am trained in their developmental interactive approach. Finally I am a graduate of Kim West's Gentle Sleep Coach program.

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Hello! My name is Elizabeth M. Nigro. I am Mom to a bouncy toddler boy, Levi. I love every moment of motherhood, although I find myself challenged and gleeful often within the same 10 minute period. I am a Westchester native, I lived for a short period of time in Brooklyn, where I met my husband before we later settled back in Westchester. I have a Masters degree in Marriage and Family Therapy. I have worked in both agency and nonprofit settings working with trauma survivors. That developed my work as a therapist but the experience of becoming a mother shaped it. During my pregnancy, through connection with other women and the instinctive call (that I could not ignore) to honor my intuition in how I birthed and raised my son, for me has changed everything! I have a deep passion for women negotiating birth and all of the changes and emotions that initiation brings up. It’s a beautiful time!

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Dr. LAYNE PROSPERI RASKIN is a licensed clinical psychologist who specializes in maternal and child mental health with over 10 years of experience providing individual, dyadic and group therapy to parents and children. Dr. Raskin has received specialized training/certification in treating Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorders through Postpartum Support International and the Postpartum Stress Center.

Her private practice is in Scarsdale, N.Y. where she works with pregnant and postpartum women and with parents of infants and toddlers offering guidance and support to those struggling through the transition to and the experiences of parenting. She also offers a New Moms Support Group at Full Circle Women's Health. Dr. Raskin is co-founder of Everyday Parenting Psychology serving families looking for expert advice on everyday issues and those seeking more comprehensive clinical support.

Amaritday- The Sacred Health Doula
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IG: amaritday

REV. MARITDAY RODRIGUEZ is a NYS registered ordained minister, NYS licensed aesthetician, full spectrum doula and birth educator providing prenatal, birth and postpartum support throughout the Mid Hudson Valley, Westchester County and NYC area. As a mother and stepmother, with a background in health coaching and mental health advocacy, I can help with postpartum family integration by offering helping hands, emotional support, laughter, empathy, patience, compassion and flexibility. I respect and trust the natural, physiologic birth process, and am an advocate for breastfeeding mothers and their rights. I support births in any setting, and proudly work with families of any culture, or religion, marital or financial status, sexual orientation. Maritday’s practice is based in New Paltz, NY, however she also supports clients 1:1 virtually, in your home, semi-private and public venues.

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Certified Child Sleep Consultant
Sleep Soundly Consulting

JOHANNA SNYDER is a Certified Child Sleep Consultant who makes getting to know her clients and their sleep needs her top priority. She works with children, infancy through pre-teen, to help establish healthy sleep routines and habits. Early morning waking, nap strikes, scheduling challenges, bedtime battles, and waking throughout the night are examples of areas where Johanna can provide support. To begin the process, each family has a private consultation with Johanna to discuss sleep struggles, healthy sleep habits, safe sleep environments, and a sleep training method that will match the child’s needs and the parenting style. Next, Johanna creates a personalized sleep plan for each client that includes developmentally appropriate methods that address sleep and behavior. Then, she provides unlimited support via phone, email or text, throughout the sleep training process. Johanna works with clients from all over the United States.

Johanna was certified through the Family Sleep Institute. Prior to becoming a sleep consultant, Johanna was an elementary school teacher in New York City for 15 years. She holds a Master’s degree in Elementary Education from Columbia University. She lives in Westchester with her family.

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Westchester Doula Care
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Having helped countless women, I can assure you that while new babies are amazing - welcoming a newborn is an adjustment. My role is to help you balance your baby's needs with the needs of yourself and your family. In pairing my Doula training with utilizing my Masters of Social Work, my approach is to protect your space so you can enjoy this precious time while creating a comfortable environment and easing the transition for all. It is extremely gratifying for me to guide and nurture moms knowing how much it eases minds and hearts. I live in Tarrytown, NY with my husband and daughters. Aside from my doula work, I am an MSW who has created curriculum and trainings used in schools addressing the emotional well-being of children.

I also offer weekly support groups for new moms and moms-to-be. Learn more at

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